Corporate Training - Best IELTS Coaching Centre in Gurgaon

Well-behaved and well-trained employees add to the image and strength of any organization.

We have a number of Training Programmes for Corporate Employees:-

Stress Management

As EMPLOYERS, KEEPERS and CUSTODIANS of our staff or employees who work shoulder to shoulder with us every day, we cannot afford to ignore an absolutely essential need to protect them against an enemy that forces them to take their own lives - Stress!

Managing Self is Managing All

We do not always realise that it is absolutely essential that we learn about managing-self before we try to manage others in office, at work or even at home!.

*This course further leads to:

  • Working Together as a Team (Team Management)
  • Leading to empower others(Leadership Qualities)
  • Effective Use Of Time Available. (Managing Time)

Business Communication

The lifeline of any organization; the written word.

This course offers lessons for using clear, concise & well-structured language for letters, reports, emails etc. It also covers convincing conversational skills for the spoke-persons of the company.

Body Language or Non-Verbal Communication

Knowledge of Body Language or Non-Verbal Communication helps senior management executives judge what is going on in the mind of the person they are interacting with; and therefore, deal with a situation more effectively. Very useful for senior officers.

Interview Training & Technique

Standard interview questions might not seem difficult, but your answer to each should be polished and sharp. And what about your Body Language or non-verbal, signals negative or positive, that you might be sending out without even knowing?!

The Receptionist

The first person you meet is the Receptionist and this is where your first impressions about the company are formed! How your Receptionist receives your visitors and handles telephone calls shows the culture of your organization; and for the visitor or caller – you are what you say and how you say it!!

Table Manners

As representatives of your company at Client’s meetings/ parties and official dinners; you are judged by the way you hold your plate and handle your cutlery. And if you have not got your Table Manners in place, the culture and image of the company you represent is at stake.

Dealing With Difficult People

Your Pride, your Patience and your Politeness – all are tested while you deal with difficult customers! All that comes to your aid at such a time is your training in polite & polished behaviour.

Meetings & Members (Types of people/behavior)

Life is a lot easier if you know about how to attend Meetings and about the type of people you are likely to come face to face with in the Meetings you are about to attend!