Corporate TrainingEmployability Enhancement Training Courses for Marines in the International Shipping Industry

We provide Image Enhancement Training programmes at Marines Training Institutes with a view to helping the Marine Candidates become a world class modern & noteworthy work-force, widely acceptable in the global market of Shipping Industry.

We are Trained Education Agent by the Cambridge English Language Assessment (certificate attached) and through our English Language & Everyday Etiquette training programme we assist the young Marines to enhance their image.

Please take a look at the enclosed curriculum that we have prepared for the young Marines keeping in mind their learning needs and with a view to enhancing their Employability in the international market.

You will see that this is a complete training package covering:

English Communication Skills

  • Situational Conversations
  • Formal & Informal Greetings
  • The Forms of Address ….
  • Sir, Mrs. Miss. or Ms.?

The Rules of Introductions

  • Introducing Self & Others
  • Introducing Seniors to Juniors
  • Introducing Ladies to Gentlemen

The Art of Small Talk: Weather

  • What do you say after you said, “Hello”
  • What do you say after you said, “Hello”

Situational Sentences & Expressions

  • Directions
  • Transport
  • Time
  • Shopping
  • Weather
  • Travelling

Talking about:

  • Personality types
  • Doctors who cure different ailments
  • Identifying people
  • Identifying things & places

Social Behaviour & Etiquette

  • Meeting & Greetings
  • Correct Handshake
  • Eye Contact & Smile
  • Social Gathering & Parties
  • Formal & Informal Dressing Up
  • Ordering Food at Restaurants
  • Table Etiquette & Dining Skills

In a nutshell; this is an Image Enhancement training programme which would help the young Marines gain the confidence, poise, dignity and an impressive image they would need to succeed in real life situations in the competitive world of our times.