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Ameliorate Your English-Speaking Skills With One-to-One Spoken English Classes

  • 23-05-24
One-to-one online spoken English classes for adults have several advantages over group-based learning. These classes offer maximum flexibility and customization as compared to other forms of classes making them a preferred choice for learning English.

Trust Only Top Most IELTS Coaching in Gurgaon to Ace Your IELTS Test Score

  • 11-05-24
Are you a student or an employee searching for chances to study/work abroad? Then this is a must-read for you.

Online English Speaking Course Gurgaon

  • 02-05-24
But, amongst a busy schedule, attending offline English classes can be a huge issue. Thanks to the School of Civilities and Protocol, which offers an Online English-Speaking Course in Gurgaon

Confirm your Ticket Abroad with the Best IELTS Coaching Institute

  • 29-04-24
There is an increasing craze among youngsters for shifting abroad. Whether it's for higher education or for career building, foreign countries have their supreme charm among them. But the journey to these foreign universities or companies is not that easy.

Top Institutes for IELTS in Gurgaon

  • 20-04-24
The craze for settling abroad is increasing significantly. People are eagerly making efforts to shift abroad in search of better lifestyles and more job opportunities. With relieved immigration rules and more acceptance for foreign students and employees, the world is now adopting a global landscape.

Best IELTS coaching near Gurgaon bus stand to get the best IELTS score

  • 26-03-24
This blog will help you in choosing the top IELTS coaching near Gurgaon bus stand sector 14 to help you accomplish your dream of relocating overseas.

Crack your IELTS Score with the Best IDP IELTS Coaching in Gurgaon

  • 16-03-24
If you are one of those who would like to learn English or want to move abroad, chances are that you are already well aware of the IELTS test. It is a globally acclaimed English proficiency test that is jointly owned by IDP, the IDP, and Cambridge Assessment English. Known by people all over the world, the IELTS is an entry channel for all those who are trying to study, develop professionally or move to English-speaking countries.

Spoken English Course in Gurgaon for Beginners

  • 28-02-24
But cheer up because something interesting is waiting for you!

IELTS Coaching in Gurgaon Sector 14 with School Of Civilities and Protocol

  • 16-02-24
During the last couple of years, the number of Indian students going abroad for studies has noticeably gone up. According to the data, from 2022 until 2023, the migration of Indian students to study overseas has increased visibly by 68%.

The Rise of English Fluency and the Need for Online English-Speaking Courses in Gurgaon

  • 03-02-24
School of Civilities and Protocol in Gurgaon, established by Sushil Kumar in 2006 is the best Online English-Speaking Course. It is considered the best English Coaching Institute that customizes lessons according to individual needs.

What makes the School of Civilities and Protocol the best school in Gurgaon?

  • 18-03-24
This is technically the best Institute for English training in the country. Let us know more about this Institute and how it can help us in the long run.

5 reasons to Choose School of Civilities and Protocol for English Speaking

  • 18-03-24
Are you interested in honing your English-speaking skills? If yes, then here is a solution for you. We introduce you to the School of Civilities and Protocol as the best English training institution in Gurgaon.

How to choose the Best IELTS Coaching Centre in Gurgaon?

  • 18-03-24
IELTS is one of the leading English examinations which is undertaken by millions of students every year. Qualifying for this examination becomes important if you are willing to study and work in countries where English is the spoken language.

Top Tips for Beginners to Achieve Fluency

  • 18-03-24
Are you eager to master the English language but feel overwhelmed by where to start? Fear not! Becoming fluent in English is an achievable goal with the right approach.

Best English-Speaking Institute in Gurgaon

  • 18-03-24
English is the global language of business, education, and communication. In today's interconnected world, it is more important than ever to be able to speak English fluently.

What is Soft Skill?

  • 18-03-24
Soft skills are a blend of relationship-building abilities, social skills, communication skills, character or personality traits, perspectives, attitudes, career attributes, social knowledge and passionate IQs, among others, that empower individuals to ex


  • 29-04-23
Working on your Vocabulary is a good place to start with. Pay attention to complex words, break them into smaller parts for ease of understanding, use them in your sentences to make them a part of your active memory

English Language Is Essential...

  • 29-04-23
Language has been our primary source of communication from ages. It is the only method through which we share our ideas and thoughts with others.

Personality Development Course at Best Price

  • 29-04-23
Personality is a set, combination or sum of traits, characteristics, persona, aura, nature, image, personal qualities, individuality etc that a person carries about himself/herself. Through personality, others make an impression about a person.

Effective Communcation Skills

  • 29-04-23
Communication is crucial to human life. Whether personal or professional life, we share and obtain so much with each other on everyday basis that it becomes even more vital for us that we are able to put our thoughts in a logical, clear and precise manner

Certificate Cambridge English (UK) Course

  • 29-04-23
Cambridge University is based in the UK. Cambridge University is in Cambridge. Cambridge is a city in eastern England. Cambridge is almost north or a little north-east of London. Cambridge is approximately 100 km (~63 miles) from London.

English Language and Grooming for Mariners

  • 29-04-23
The new Mariner Cadets need to gear themselves up very well to face different people from diverse backgrounds in different countries in varied scenarios, related to their shipping / Marine, Merchant Navy career. They get to interact with people from diffe

Are you Preparing for IELTS Exam?

  • 29-04-23
While in the Listening Test during the IELTS exams, you must remember to note down answers on the question paper.

About SAT, and How to Consider SAT

  • 29-04-23
The abbreviation SAT stands for Scholastic Assessment Test. Originally, SAT was called Scholastic Aptitude Test. SAT is an international standardized and perhaps the most widely recognized test for student admissions to undergraduate programs in USA unive

About IELTS & Who Should Seek the IELTS?

  • 29-04-23
IELTS stands for the International English Language Testing System. IELTS is like a platform, source, measuring tool, international standardized test or testing system of English language. IELTS is to formally certify, assess or gauge any person’s skill,

Spoken English and IELTS Coaching

  • 26-04-23
The International English Language Testing System, commonly known as IELTS, is the most popular English language test in the world.

Benefits of English Language Coaching

  • 26-04-23
Well, in case you are, then you need to remember that in case of Listening and Reading Test during the IELTS exams