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English Language, Grooming and Protocol Requirement for New Mariners

Why do Indian New Mariner Cadets need training in English language and overall grooming?

The new Mariner Cadets need to gear themselves up very well to face different people from diverse backgrounds in

different countries in varied scenarios, related to their shipping / Marine, Merchant Navy career. They get to interact

with people from different countries. Good English and overall grooming enables them to be geared with the ability to

handle different job roles and tasks as well, which are highly arduous and rewarding.


In some of which areas do some new Mariner Cadets face challenges?

The new Marine Cadets have a multi-task to perform at the start of their shipping career. The prerequisite is that they

need to be physically and mentally fit. They not only leave their families, friends, comfort zones etc behind, but are

also left to interact with limited people on the ship for a long duration of time that can go into several months. They

have a target to perform well enough in their Marine studies to be able to excel in their Marine / Merchant Navy career.

The new Indian Cadet Mariners are young and generally in the age group of 19 to 25 years.

The new Cadets are well educated in terms of professional education, such as Engineering, B. Tech (Marine), sea courses,

nautical training, Maritime Safety training etc. However, these new Indian Cadet Mariners are from different

backgrounds, such as from big metros, Tier 2 and 3 cities, villages etc as well. They have different levels of English

and have diverse personalities. There is a strong need for them to be at par with international shipping standards in

basic English language and personality needs. They need to be well-versed with some of the basic shipping career related

demand, order and requirements.


What is the level of English and overall personality traits of the new Indian Cadet Mariners?

The new Indian Cadet Mariners are highly trained, hardworking and talented. However, some of them face the challenge of

speaking good English especially in relation to shipping/ Merchant Navy needs, and some lack minimum overall personality

or individuality level need, and require grooming in these areas.


What is the Government requirement or norm?

The Shipping department of the Government of India or the DG Shipping under the Ministry of Shipping requires and seeks

basic good level of English for these aspiring Marine new Cadets. This is so that the new Indian Cadet Mariners do not

face any challenge when they join their respective ships, ports etc, and begin to travel across different parts of the

world. They get to meet new people from different countries. Good English and overall grooming builds confidence in the

new Marine Cadet.


Which institute provides quality training in Marine-related English training and overall grooming of new Marine Cadets?

The School of Civilities and Protocol provides specialized training that is specific for the Marine / Shipping industry.

The training module is tailor-made that is designed specifically to cater to the English needs and overall grooming

related to the shipping industry. The School of Civilities keeps the ultimate aim of DG Shipping under the Ministry of


The School of Civilities and Protocol can be contacted on +91 9910014040 or +91 8130348890