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Are you a student or an employee searching for chances to study/work abroad? Then this is a must-read for you.

Settling abroad is not a cakewalk, there are many problems associated with it, from getting various relocation approvals to making a shift to your new adobe. One of such problems, when shifting to English-speaking countries, is getting IELTS cleared.  Though, we cannot assure you of a smooth shift in other processes linked to international relocation, we can help you with comprehensive preparation for your IELTS test.

School of Civilities and Protocol is the top most IELTS coaching in Gurgaon helping IELTS aspirants across India to get through the process of clearing your IELTS test.

What is the IELTS exam?

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. IDP education in collaboration with Cambridge Assessment English and the British Council developed and runs this test to assess the English proficiency of individuals, who desire to shift to English-native countries.

What is the purpose of taking top IELTS coaching in Gurgaon?

IELTS assesses the English skills of individuals facilitating international mobility and fluent English conversations across various fields. Some of the reasons individuals opt for the IELTS exam are:

  • Study: Various English-medium universities and colleges globally accept IELTS scores as proof of a student's proficiency in the English language.
  • Work: Various corporations and businesses across the globe where English is their main communicative language, assess their employees' English capabilities based on IELTS test results. IELTS test score is one of their major job selection criteria.
  • Migration: English-speaking countries like the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand accept IELTS General Training Test scores for permanent residency applications.

IELTS, being one of the major stepping stones towards your dream of settling abroad, would require the best IELTS training centre in Gurgaon to take you a step closer to your dream. School of Civilities and Protocol can be your reliable stop to get access to top-class IELTS training in India.

About the School of Civilities and Protocol

The School of Civilities and Protocol is one of the top most IELTS coaching in Gurgaon. Mr. Sushil Kumar founded it along with his expert team of professionals. Since the very beginning, their main aim has been to deliver the best IELTS coaching in Gurgaon sector 14.

Our commitment to providing high-quality training catered to each individual's need ensures personalized attention to every student.

Reasons to take IELTS Training with the School of Civilities and Protocol:

1. Principal Trainer's Expertise: The trainers at the School of Civilities and Protocol enjoy an enviable reputation as outstanding teachers of the English language. Their style of teaching enables students to grasp all concepts easily.

2. Proven Track Record: We are proud of the performance of our institute as most of our graduates reach band scores of 7 or higher.

3. High-Quality Study Materials: We ensure that the best study material is available for all our students, which makes our training better than others.

4. Optimal Class Size for Personalized Attention: For the effectiveness and the personal growth of the students, we limit classroom sizes to a maximum of three students per classroom.

5. Customized and Interactive Sessions: We are different from other IELTS courses by ensuring customized and interactive training sessions that are more than just one-way lectures. To ensure that training is enjoyable and participatory, each of our classes is designed to be interactive and thus effective.

Best IELTS training centre in Gurgaon; your gateway to success!

IELTS can open your gates to thousands of universities and offices worldwide and make your dream of settling abroad easier. But, you require systematic training and preparation to clear your IELTS test. Enrich your chances of clearing the IELTS test with flying grades by joining top IELTS coaching in Gurgaon delivered by the School of Civilities and Protocol. Call us today at our helpline number +91-9818786969 or email us at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a good IELTS score?

There is no definite cut-off for the IELTS test, every organization has set its own standards depending upon their requirements for the applicant’s English skills.

2. If my city doesn't have an IELTS test center, is there an alternative for appearing for it?

IELTS offer an online test option which makes it convenient for everyone to appear for the test from anywhere and at any time.

3. Is the IELTS test difficult?

No, the IELTS test is not difficult. With strategic preparation and regular practice, you can easily ace your IELTS test. School of Civilities and Protocol provides strategic tips and hacks to crack your IELTS test with ease.

4. Can I take online IELTS training with the School of Civilities and Protocol?

Yes, the School of Civilities and Protocol also deliver online training for IELTS. With our online IELTS training, you can access our training from the convenience of your home at your convenient time.

5. How can I contact the School of Civilities and Protocol for IELTS training registration?

You can call the School of Civilities and Protocol at our helpline number +91-9818786969 or email us at [email protected].