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What is SAT?

The abbreviation SAT stands for Scholastic Assessment Test. Originally, SAT was called Scholastic Aptitude Test. SAT is

an international standardized and perhaps the most widely recognized test for student admissions to undergraduate

programs in USA universities and colleges. However, SAT is also recognized and accepted in some or other leading

colleges/ Universities in Canada, Singapore, Australia, and the UK. Depending on a person’s SAT test result/ score, SAT

can be regarded as a platform or gateway for entry into any of the thousands of US colleges to choose from.


Who maintains or runs SAT?

SAT is an admission entrance test service created, developed, maintained and provided by an entity called the College

Board, based in the USA, headquartered in New York City. College Board is an old body that was established in the year

1899 as a not-for-profit organization. At that time, the College Board was called College Entrance Examination Board,



What do the SAT test topics include?

The SAT test includes reading, writing and Mathematics. In the reading part, careful passage reading is important, then

only giving the appropriate/ right answer is best possible. The writing part is about short essays. There are multiple

choice options to choose from. A part includes identifying and correcting grammar mistakes.


The Mathematics part includes algebra, arithmetic operations, geometry, statistics, and probability.


Who prepares and monitors the SAT test?

The College Board administers the SAT admission test.


Where all is the SAT applicable?

As above, SAT is primarily necessary for those students seeking admission in the US colleges for graduation studies.

However, many other countries like the Canada, UK etc recognize SAT score.


How to apply or register for SAT?

First, an aspirant needs to create an account (free) at the College Board’s website .

The link to create the new account is

Fill out the details on this webpage. This creates the student’s profile. Be accurate in filing the Form, as it becomes

difficult later to update, make or amend any changes.


Once the User Name and Password is generated after the above step, a student may fill the next step SAT Application

Form. Fill the application form according to the education course stream, etc. Then the option for the test center and

the date of test is filled. As the self-explanatory steps move on…comes the payment section. The SAT Admission Test with

the details to the pursuant student is automatically generated with the photo ID.


Who should go for SAT?

Students in class 11th and 12th can prepare and appear for SAT, but some 10th grade students prepare for SAT. Those

primarily seeking admission in the US colleges should go for SAT. It is mandatory as the leading colleges in the US need

the SAT score/result of the student to consider admission.


What is the eligibility to consider SAT?

Valid passport is required as it is also required at the time of filling the application form; passport is regarded as

one of the most relevant documents as ID.


Where can the SAT exam be taken?

A SAT applicant can choose a city or nearby city of his/her location. The options are available and indicated on the



What is the duration of the SAT test?

The duration of the SAT test is in a total of 3 hours and 45 minutes. Of this, one part of 25 minutes is for essay. Six

parts or sections each for mathematics, critical reading and writing. Other two parts or sections of 20 minutes for

mathematics, critical reading and writing. One part or section of 10 minutes for multiple-choice writing.


SAT tests are available and taken in some 25,000 centers in about 190+ countries.


How often SAT tests take place in a year?

SAT tests in India generally take place four times a year – October, December, March and May.


SAT tests outside of the USA are taken 5 to 7 times a year. However, it varies region-to-region.


How much time does one need to prepare for SAT?

It depends from case to case, depending on the individual’s exposure, level etc of English.


What is the fee cost for giving the SAT exam?

The cost for SAT test is approximately almost US$100, i.e., approximately Rs. 7,100; and with essay is approximately

US$113, i.e., Rs. 8,000.


Where can one get more information in-person, in-depth guidance and preparation classes for SAT?

The School of Civilities and Protocol handholds a person in his/her preparation for SAT. You may contact The School of

Civilities and Protocol at 8130413526. Yo