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The need for English proficiency has surged with more than 25 lakh Indians choosing to relocate abroad every year. Mastering the English language is very crucial to clear the immigration process. Proficiency in English is essential, whether it is for academic purposes or professional goals. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) here plays a crucial role in assessing English proficiency.

Many potential Indian immigrants, where Hindi is the main language, find it difficult to pass the IELTS exam without any expert's help. This is when professional IELTS coaching centres become crucial, extending essential help and assistance. In case you are searching for excellent IELTS training close to the Gurgaon bus stand, you are in the correct location.

This blog will help you in choosing the top IELTS coaching near Gurgaon bus stand sector 14 to help you accomplish your dream of relocating overseas.

Reasons to take the IELTS exam:

1. Diverse Testing Options: IELTS provides several test options that are different depending on the purpose of the test whether it is for studies or for a job.

2. Global Recognition: IELTS is widely accepted by 11,500 organizations in different parts of the world. It is valid in 140 countries and adopted by above 3400 educational institutions.

3. Test Format Choices: IELTS can be taken either in online or in offline mode.

4. Expedited Results: IELTS promises prompt results with offline results due in 13 days while online results in 3-5 days.

5. Abundance of Resources: There is a lot of study materials available for students preparing for IELTS such as practice tests and sample questions.

6. Trusted Governance: The IDP association, the Cambridge Assessment English, and the British Council are the joint owners and managers of the IELTS. This cultivates trust among students who intend to take the IELTS test.


The School of Civilities and Protocol has been known as the best IELTS coaching near Gurgaon bus stand sector 14. In case you need to take a step forward in blooming your career, this institution should be your final stop.

About the School of Civilities and Protocol:

The School of Civilities and Protocol is appreciated as one of the top IELTS Training Centre in Gurgaon Sector 14. Sushil Kumar alongside a team of professionals founded it. It holds the position as a top IELTS Coaching Centre in Gurgaon.

At the School of Civilities and Protocol, we firmly believe that helping individuals unlock their full capacity and potential can be achieved by nourishing talent and promoting growth. Our trail leads the way to the victory and the road towards your bright future.

Reasons to take IELTS Training with the School of Civilities and Protocol:

1. Principal Trainer's Expertise: The trainers at the School of Civilities and Protocol enjoy an enviable reputation as outstanding teachers of English language. Their style of teaching enables students to grasp and understand all concepts easily.

2. Proven Track Record: We are proud of the performance of our institute as most of our graduates reach band scores of 7 or higher.

3. High-Quality Study Materials: We ensure that the best study material is available for all our students, which makes our training better than others.

4. Optimal Class Size for Personalized Attention: For the learning effectiveness and the personal growth of the students, we limit classroom sizes to a maximum of three students per classroom.

5. Customized and Interactive Sessions: We are different from other IELTS courses by ensuring customized and interactive training sessions that are more than just one-way lectures. To ensure that learning is enjoyable and participatory, each of our classes are designed to be interactive and thus effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose the School of Civilities and Protocol for my IELTS preparation?

At School of Civilities and Protocol, we provide competent trainers, a wide range of interacting virtual classes as well as stimulating conversations, to enable you to ace the IELTS test and realize your long-term objective of overseas study.


How does one enroll for IELTS course in the School of Civilities and Protocol?

Signing up is simple! Reach us at +91-9910014040, +91-9818786969 or email us at [email protected] to initiate your academic success journey.


Is personalized approach adopted in the classes?

Yes, while our small class sizes make it possible for our instructors to offer personalized attention to each student, in the same vein, they are able to tailor their teaching approach to suit every student's unique needs.


Can I opt for online classes?

Yes! Our online classes are interactive and can be taken at your convenience that can fit your schedule, in order to give you a quality education no matter the place you're in.


How does the School of Civilities and Protocol help me to improve my language skills?

We offer training from qualified tutors, give a platform to participate in stimulating group sessions and access to high class materials to help you be the best in the IELTS test with confidence.

Upgrade Your IELTS Result with a Smart Move!

Are you looking for admissions to the top-notch Ivy League colleges and universities? Do not lose this opportunity. Enrich your chances to be ahead of the pack by joining a distinguished training centre – School of Civilities and Protocol. Enroll now by calling the helpline +91-9910014040, +91-9818786969 or emailing us [email protected]. Unveil your capacity and follow our path to academic success!