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Where is the Cambridge University located?

Cambridge University is based in the UK. Cambridge University is in Cambridge. Cambridge is a city in eastern England. Cambridge is almost north or a little north-east of London. Cambridge is approximately 100 km (~63 miles) from London.

What is the background of Certificate Cambridge English Course?

Cambridge English Certificate Courses have global recognition. Cambridge University itself is ranked and regarded as the best University in the UK. According to a global ranking / rating system, Cambridge is currently regarded as the 2nd best University in the world.

What is the acceptance for Certificate Cambridge English globally?

Most people in the education arena across the world are well-versed with the name Cambridge. Quality English learning and usage of English language is often juxtaposed with Cambridge English. Cambridge English Courses are accepted by most leading Universities, Colleges, Schools, Institutions, organizations, immigration departments, etc.

Is there a qualification required to pursue the Cambridge English Certificate?

As such, there is no qualification like graduation or post graduation etc required, however, 10+2 is essential, to pursue the Cambridge Certificate English Course. Individuals seeking such English courses are typically teachers, Trainers etc irrespective of their level of teaching, or experience in terms of number of years of teaching experience.

Who should take this Certificate Cambridge English Course?

Anybody can take this Certificate Cambridge English Course, e.g., some college students also take up this Course who wish to make a career in English language teaching, to become professional trainers etc; therefore, those who want to become English Teachers or Trainers may also prepare for this English Certificate Course examination. Current English Teachers and professional Trainers also take up this course to further enhance their respective careers.

Where is the Certificate Cambridge English valid

The Cambridge English Certificate has international recognition. With this, it even opens new doors for Teachers and Trainers to apply and teach/ work abroad. Most global leading Universities, colleges, business schools and institutions and even other organizations recognize the Cambridge English Certificate, especially in countries like the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand. The Certificate can also come handy in fields like Human Resource, Public Relations etc departments in Companies.

Where does the Cambridge English Certificate come from?

The Certificate for the Cambridge English Course comes directly from Cambridge, UK.

What is the duration of preparation for the Cambridge English Certificate exam for Teachers and Trainers?

The preparation duration can vary from person to person. The duration of preparation for the Examination depends on a person’s time availability for attend classes, level of English, working etc. The duration can vary from one month to several months like 3 or 4 etc.

Is there a choice of dates to appear for the Cambridge English Exam?

Yes, there is an option/ flexibility to choose or block any dates subject to availability of the Cambridge Exam test dates. The School of Civilities and Protocol helps candidates in this guidance.

How do Teachers, Trainers etc benefit from the Cambridge English Certificate?

The Cambridge English Course for Teachers, Trainers etc enables them to be at a high level in quality education, or teaching English and English-related content to their respective students. It gears Teacher, Trainer etc to better deliver on the learning needs of the students. There are several stage wise English teaching techniques, methodologies, pattern etc. The Certificate enhances career prospects or self-work opportunities. It brings a higher readiness for Teachers, Trainers etc for higher career success. It brings a much higher confidence in teaching English and any content related to English.

How many days does it take for the Cambridge English Certificate to arrive?

The result of the Exam for the Cambridge English for Teachers and English Trainers comes within a few weeks; following which the Certificate arrives directly from Cambridge, UK.

Where can one check the level of English and the Course to pursue in its accordance?

The School of Civilities and Protocol has a system in place to check the level of English of any individual. There is a short / few minutes written test, followed by a face-to-face interaction. This helps both, the Trainer and the pursuant Teacher, Trainer etc to accordingly start the preparation for the Exam.

When, where and how can one fill the Exam dates, center etc?

The exam dates, venue etc is filled online. The School of Civilities and Protocol handholds candidates in filling the examination dates and any other nuances, online.

Where can one get more in-depth information or learn more about the Cambridge English Certificate exam for Teachers, Trainers etc?

The School of Civilities and Protocol i