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Are you interested in honing your English-speaking skills? If yes, then here is a solution for you. We introduce you to the School of Civilities and Protocol as the best English training institution in Gurgaon. This institution is very famous for imparting English-speaking training to the students over the period. In fact. The institution has made a great name for itself in the industry with the help of its customized courses.

It assesses the potential of every student and accordingly prepares customized courses for them. This institute is known for assisting not only the students but also the employees and professionals to excel in English communication. The students trained by this institute can succeed in their careers with the help of a strong command over their communication. These trained professionals are accepted in English-speaking countries around the world.

What is the vision of the School of Civilities and Protocol?

School of Civilities and Protocol is a trained ‘Education Agent’ recognized by the Cambridge English Language Assessment and has held this recognition since 2018. This institute curates customized Cambridge English-speaking courses for the students. In addition, this institute excels in providing overseas educational courses and job opportunities. It is known for hiring professional and trained experts to prepare students for competitive exams such as IELTS and PTE. This institution focuses on the comprehensive and holistic development of the students for their brighter future ahead. Let us explore the common specialties of this training institute and understand how this is one of its kind.

Features of the training institute

School of Civilities and Protocol is one of the finest English training institutions in Gurgaon. There are many reasons for joining this institution to hone your English-speaking skills. Let us explore these reasons one by one:

  • Exhaustive Training

English is a dominantly spoken language in different countries such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. As a result, the students or the professionals who are willing to study or work in these countries should know how to speak, read, and write English. School of Civilities and Protocol provides exhaustive training to the students to improve their fluency in English. This institute helps to prepare the students for IELTS and other types of examinations. In addition to training them in reading, writing, speaking, and listening, this institute also trains them in practical grammar and vocabulary.

  • Focus on self-development

English is not just a language. It reflects one’s confidence and self-worth. Therefore, teaching grammatical rules would not make a major difference in the lives of the students. That is why the School of Civilities and Protocol follows a different approach to training the students. This institute designs self-improvement courses that aim to instill fluency, confidence, and soft skills in the students. This makes it easier for the students to communicate in English properly. Developing a strong fluency increases the chances of getting selected in foreign universities and workplaces. This is the reason why the School of Civilities and Protocol is unique in its way.

  • Customized training courses

School of Civilities and Protocol is known for customizing the English-speaking courses for the students. The professionals evaluate the competence of the students on a real-time basis. This helps them to design customized courses for the students which helps them to groom themselves. These courses target the weaknesses of every student and make sure to overcome them through constant training. All this training helps the students to become more efficient, confident, and well-behaved in their workplace to a great extent. With the help of this English training institution in Gurgaon, students can easily adjust to the dynamism of the corporate world.

  • Customized teaching and training

In addition to designing customized courses, the School of Civilities and Protocol imparts customized and personalized training to the students. They take students in batches of three at a time. This helps them to focus on the individual development of every student properly. Students can raise their doubts as and when they arise, and this makes it easier for them to understand the concepts in a better way. The trainers make sure to pace up the syllabus and the burden according to the personal requirements of the students. The study material is drafted according to the requirements of the students. This helps in actually improving the skills of the students in the long run.

  • Outstanding records

Another reason that justifies enrolling in the School of Civilities and Protocol is the outstanding records it holds. This English training institute in Gurgaon is known for training thousands of students every year. The institute provides 100% results as all the students have qualified for IELTS with a band above 7 in recent years. Such results have helped the students to trust the reputation of the institute and become a part of the same to get similar results. The institution has been striving for excellence for all these years and such results are a testament to it.

  • Qualified professionals

The best part about joining the School of Civilities and Protocol is the availability of qualified professionals. These professionals are professionally competent to train students for global examinations like IELTS. Students get a learn a lot of practical and theoretical skills from these professionals. This actual training brings a real difference in the personalities of the students in the long run.


The School of Civilities and Protocol is the best training institution in the country to learn English in depth. It has everything in it that is required to become fluent and trained in English. The institute invests in the students to a great extent. That is why the students are very willing and excited to join this institute.

FAQs related to the IELTS Preparation Centre

Which IELTS is the best for a job?

Both IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training are accepted for job-related immigration and visa purposes. The choice depends on the specific requirements of the destination country and the purpose of the application. It's crucial to check the immigration or job requirements of the respective country to determine which IELTS module is most suitable.

How can I pass IELTS in the first attempt?

  • To increase the chances of passing IELTS on the first attempt:
  • Familiarize yourself with the test format.
  • Practice regularly with official study materials.
  • Take practice tests to improve time management.
  • Focus on weak areas and seek feedback.

Consider enrolling in a reputable coaching program for structured guidance.