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Well, in case you are, then you need to remember that in case of Listening and Reading Test during the IELTS exams, you

must :-

• Read the questions carefully

• And underline the keywords


And while in the Listening Test during the IELTS exams, you must remember to note down answers on the question paper.


Similarly, when it comes to Writing Test, remember to:-

• Highlight and/or circle keywords you find in questions

• Try to stick to the topic

• Plan your answers before you start to write them down

• Write One paragraph separately for each idea

• Write short simple sentences using minimum number of words

• Ensure you have enough time to check spelling, grammar and punctuation for mistakes you may have possibly made


Now let us take a look at some very useful IELTS preparation tips for the Speaking Test :-

• Make sure that you give full answers to all questions that the examiner asks

• Always ensure you speak more than your examiner

• It pays to practice speaking for a full 2 minutes period before your examination


Some dos and don’ts you must pay attention to during IELTS Examination:-

The following tips are important while preparing for the IELTS examination:-

• It is IMPORTANT to write correct Spellings

• Avoid using informal sluggish language and slang or abbreviations

• Never leave blank answers as there is no negative marking

• At times there are pauses in recordings between various sections. You may use these gaps to think and prepare yourself

for the next questions

• During Listening Test give answers to Questions in order they are asked

• Always check and pay attention to word limits

• During Academic Writing Test, remember to keep to the main topic

• In case of writing less than 150 and 250 words for Tasks 1 and 2 respectively, it will result in your losing marks

• During Speaking Skills Test, do not stray from the topic and more importantly, never give an already prepared speech

• You should always speak directly to the Examiner and not to the recording equipment.

• Do not give just one worded “Yes" or "No” answers to questions asked by the Examiner. Try to add some more details in

the answers that you choose to give

• Speak at normal speed and ensure to demonstrate your range of ideas and vocabulary during the Speaking Skills Test


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